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AstroSpaces referral system


Earn tokens and BNB by referring new users! 2280 users already referred!

No limits to earnings and you'll own referred users forever.
Earn by every mint!

You'll also receive 25% commission for any and all mints made on by a referred user!

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$9,125.00 Est. yearly income

Earn money by sharing

Send people directly to your profile and earn money!

Referred users will forever be yours.

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How do i refer users?

From your settings you'll be able to find a unique referral link. When new users sign up using your referral link they'll forever be attached to your account.

When will i be rewarded for referred users?

Whenever a referred user use the AstroSpaces swap to swap any listed tokens the fee(s) will be transferred instantly to your wallet. This fee range from 0.05% to 1% depending on the referred user's AstroSpaces status.

How do i receive my payouts?

The fee(s) will be transferred directly to your connected wallet in the tokens your referred user is swapping. When a referred user make a swap a % of those tokens received/sent will be sent to your address.

What if a referred visitor use the swap?

If you refer a visitor to the AstroSpaces platform that makes a swap between any listed token you'll still be rewarded the fee(s) from that particular swap and sent to your wallet.

Do i need to be approved to refer users?

No. Only requirement is that you have a verified AstroSpaces account. As our referral system is only paid based on referred users trading volume we've decided to open it for all users.

How do the calculator estimate payouts?

The calculation is made using an average fee of 0.5% (The average between a visitor and a VIP $SPACES holder) and following formula: referred users * referred value * 365 days / 100 percentage / 2 (0.5%).

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